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Belmont Treatments and Services

Cataracts Treatment

Cataracts affect more than 24 million adults in America alone. Along with this staggering statistic, cataracts are also the leading cause of blindness throughout the world. Here at Accuvision Eye Care we believe that regular visits to the optometrist and quality eye care are the best way to prevent or treat this devastating condition.

We are proud to offer quality, affordable eye care to the people of Belmont. When you need an eye doctor you can trust to have your best interests at heart, call Accuvision Eye Care.

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Computer Vision Syndrome

With so many careers and jobs relying on technology and computers, many of the people in Belmont come to us concerned that their vision is affected by staring at a computer screen all day. Computer Vision Syndrome is actually characterized by a group of vision and eye related problems that are the results of extended periods of time working on a computer screen.

Many simple habits can be changed in order to improve your eyesight without sacrificing your livelihood. With just a few tweaks to your regular routine and a visit to your optometrist at Accuvision Eye Care, you can get rid of the discomfort that comes from Computer Vision Syndrome.

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Eye Exams

Every American should have a regular eye exam to ensure there are no eye problems developing that could be treated early. Here at Accuvision Eye Care, we offer annual eye exams to patients living in or around Belmont from a qualified optometrist in order to protect your vision. We consider yearly eye exams to be just as important as your regular dental visits and your yearly physical exams, and we make it easy for you to visit our office.

Many eye problems and conditions can be diagnosed and treated early. With newer technology, patients in Belmont have access to innovative solutions for many eye problems without dealing with the invasive treatments of the past. Our main goal is to keep you comfortable even as we address all your eye care needs and guarantee you are protected from future issues.

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Eye Injury

Even the tiniest eye injury can lead to serious problems with your eyes in the future if it’s not treated correctly. Here at Accuvision Eye Care, we recommend that you visit us for an eye exam any time you have sustained any type of eye injury.

We even provide after-hours care for the people of Belmont for the times you are concerned about your eyes but the injury doesn’t warrant a trip to the emergency room. We are proud of our record of serving the people of Belmont with emergency eye care and quality treatment.

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Glaucoma Care

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness for Americans, and here at Accuvision Eye Care, we are committed to offering quality eye care and treatment to the people of Belmont to prevent this devastating condition. Our eye doctors are qualified and educated in order to provide you with the best exams, diagnosis and treatment available.

With new technology, patients benefit from less invasive procedures and treatments, and many eye conditions are a thing of the past. Here at Accuvision Eye Care, we are proud of our reputation of offering quality eye care at an affordable cost to the people of Belmont.

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Dry Eye

While tears are common during sad movies or happy moments, what you may not realize is that they are also an important part of protecting your eye. They help to keep your vision clear and keep your eyes healthy, but some people have problems with the quality or the amount of their tears. Here at Accuvision Eye Care, we are proud to offer quality eye care and exams to the people of Belmont that deal with dry eye on a regular basis.

When patients in Belmont need an optometrist they can rely on to treat damaging eye conditions quickly and effectively, they come to us first.

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